Our Services

 They offer services that are specialized for malamutes but also welcome any other dog breeds to make use of them. Georgia Malamute offers 4 main services that help to make your dog a happier and healthier member of the family.

Our Sponsors

 We are extremely lucky to have sponsors like Yippr that provides us with some of the beautiful collars and leashes you see. Be sure to visit them for Lighted LED Dog Collars – Rechargeable Light Up Dog Collar as well as their leather and nylon collar options.

Dog Training

Georgia Malamute has one of the best dog training facilities in the state. They specialize in training malamutes and other breeds. Any dog, whether it be a puppy or senior dog, are welcome to join training classes.

Malamute Breeding

Georgia Malamute is registered and qualified breeders of malamute dogs. They have all the required qualifications, licenses, and authorizations needed to be legal breeders.

Dog Grooming

Georgia Malamute also has their own grooming department. Any dog is welcome for some tender love and care. They do washing, drying, deworming, vaccinations, nail clipping, and can deal with cases of extreme tangles and matting.

About Us

Georgia Malamute welcomes all lovers of the Alaskan Malamute dog breed. This business specializes in all things malamute and includes services like education, training, breeding, and grooming


Georgia Malamute was opened 15 years ago by Michael M. Smith and his family. The Smith family have always had malamutes as pets and absolutely love having them as part of their family. After one of their beloved malamute dogs passed away because of health issues, the Smith family decided to learn more about this breed and become experts on caring for them. Today, Georgia Malamute has top-notch trainers, breeding specialists, and groomers as part of their team.