12 Disadvantages of having a Pet

There is no denial of the fact that pets are one of the most wonderful blessings one can have in their life. They love you, care for you, and make your life beautiful. A pet can be a better friend than most people, their loyalty and affection are unmatched. But keeping a pet is a tedious task. Besides having numerous positive reasons it also has some disadvantages and can cause inconveniences that might make you want to get rid of them. Read on to know about the top 12 such disadvantages that you should keep in mind while thinking about before owning a pet

  1. Time commitment– You need to commit a lot of time and effort to your pet which becomes quite a concern for you at times especially when you don’t have a fixed working schedule. A pet’s responsibility is not less than your own baby’s. One always has to be there to feed them, play with them or make them feel good. They also need your attention and someone who looks upon them. Many pets also require proper training to adjust to the house and its people. Pets are not supposed to be at home every time, they also need to go out and play and that is why it becomes a disadvantage to own a pet if you don’t have time for them. They have feelings too, they will be waiting for you always but it will make them sad if you don’t give them enough time.
  2. Cost– Buying a pet is pretty expensive. You might think that it’s just a one-time expense but the regular requirements of your pet can get heavy on your pocket. Buying clothes, toys, shampoos, food with good quality, and other accessories can knock off your budget.
  3. Requires a shelter– When you own a pet you also need to make sure that you provide them with proper shelter where they feel comfortable. You cannot let them sleep on your bed because of hygiene issues and that is why it is an important requirement for all pets. But buying a proper bed for a dog, a cage for your cat or birds can be quite expensive too.
  4. Cannot go on long vacations – As I said earlier you need to devote time, effort and care for your pet. This also means that your pet requires love and care when you are not around or when you are on vacation or maybe packed up with work at office. You cannot neglect the requirements of your pet while going out for days as your pet depends on you for everything as they cannot take care themselves thus you need to keep in mind to handover him/her to someone or some place where they can take care of your pet when needed or be prepared to see a semi destructed house on returning from your vacations. This might also disappoint your pet because they won’t be comfortable with everyone and everywhere.
  5. People are scared– pets are not be kept in cages or tied to a door, they need to be free too and there are times when people are scared of pets and hesitate in coming to your place and when they come they tell you to keep your pets away. This also creates curiosity in a pet’s mind and inconvenience for you and the one who has visited your place. They might not be comfortable while sitting at your place and your pet might behave differently when something like this happens because they aren’t aware of the situation and you cannot even explain this to them. They might get angry on this and behave strangely which obviously you won’t like.
  6. You cannot take them everywhere– There are a lot of places where pets are not allowed and you might even have a problem carrying them everywhere. some of the pets like dogs are scared of sitting in cars so you just cannot travel with them. Even if you wish to go nearby like to the grocery shop or salon or the super market you might already have a lot of stuff to handle and you cannot handle one more especially someone who keeps on running here and there.
  7. They can be dangerous at times– Your pet is used to getting attention and can behave weirdly if he doesn’t get the attention that he is used to. Even the cutest looking pets can be dangerous if moody causing serious trouble to people around you. Biting and scratching is a common problem that can cause infections because of being poisonous especially to the strangers visiting your home who the pet is unfamiliar with. There might be a possibility that your pet does not like kids and you cannot leave you kid around your pet carefree. you need to be cautious.
  8. They Shed- Animals naturally lose old and damaged hair by shedding. It is a normal process for them but some shed a lot, you’ll find their fur everywhere! Though the amount of shedding depends on the breed. This might annoy you sometimes, specially in winters because the fur tends to stick more on woolen clothes and coats and they might also dirt your shoes, clothes and house. You will have to maintain extra hygiene of your house.
  9. Cleanliness and hygiene- Regular baths are a must for pet to keep them away from allergies and sickness.But, its not as easy as it sounds as they usually hate baths and run away from it.  Also, they will poop anywhere in the house until they get proper training. So be ready to constantly clean it every now and then.
  10. Training- You will have to properly train your pet. Training doesn’t mean training them to do things that aren’t usual for them but the basic commands like sit, come, stay, leave etc. Some are easy to train while some are not, depends on the breed.
  11. Regular walks- You need to make sure your pet gets daily walks, outings, proper food and regular exercise. If you don’t follow the routine then there are chances that they may become lazy and weak! You have to be sure about your pets breed’s exercise needs and energy level that has to be maintained.
  12. Losing them is a heart break – Having a pet might have a lot of disadvantages but once you own one their loss is a heart break. For others it might just be a cat or a dog but for you they were an important part of your life, they were your family too . Losing a pet is not easy, it hurts. You might get so much attached to your pet that you just can’t take the pain of not having them with you the next day .